About Us

Hello and welcome to The Painted Shelf!

Our journey began years ago, when we made the decision to follow our love for primitive and country items and start up our own small family-owned and operated country store.  With a passion for woodworking and crafts, we've also had the wonderful opportunity to be creative and hand make, from start to finish, our own quality original pieces.  

We love primitive and country inspired pieces because of their simplistic warm beauty, reminiscent of cherished days gone by.  Many have a wonderful time-worn appearance with subtle differences due to the craftsman and natural materials used, making each piece truly one of a kind.  

In today's time of fast-paced living, it's nice to have a beautifully inspired, serene space filled with meaningful pieces that speak to who you are and represent your style and what's important to you.

We are grateful for our customers, and we hope that you enjoy browsing our collections.  Have a blessed day!